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As you may know, over the last year or so, Living Waters Camp Council has been making a lot of adjustments to the way camp is organized, some born of necessity and some born out of creativity and new ideas. One of the major changes that we will be making for this coming summer is to restructure the directorship of the camp. In the past we have had different directors for each week of camp, but increasingly, this is proving both costly and inefficient, as each director has to find new support staff for each week.

Starting this year, we would like to introduce a new position of Summer Camps Program Director that will be for the entire summer, covering every camp in July and August (with the exception of the new Young Adults weekend). We have appointed Clarissa Kostiuk, who has directed Dream Camp for the last several years, to this position for the next two summers. She will be responsible for the hiring and organizing of all support staff for the camps.

Please click on the link below to read Clarissa's bio, and make a point of meeting her at the Kick-Off Camp on the July long weekend and join us in welcoming her!